Overcoming cancer

The cancer cells are not from outside the body but are cells of body itself over which body has lost control and they have become autonomous and are repeatedly dividing and growing. Various known and unknown, intrinsic and extrinsic factors affect this process. Scientific and technological advancement is providing more and more insight on the processes involved in the development of cancer. Similarly new ways and approaches of tackling the cancer have also evolved. New drugs and therapies are being launced every day to try to control this dreaded disease. Still the main treatment revolves around Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Molecular approach has given us a new weapon in the armamentarium that is targeted therapy both in intravenous and oral form. Also, cancer vaccines for carcinoma cervix is routinely available now for young female population. Despite all this early detection, awareness, education and cancer screening is very important for satisfactory treatment and survival. For this one requires individual as well as community participation to take necessary preventive measures and catch this disease in its early stages. We request you all to join hands with us to take a vow and to take necessary steps to remove the fear from hearts of everyone of us and fight this disease.


Overcoming cancer is not just treating the disease with chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy but is also to building self belief in the patient.
Think positive and this positive thinking will help your body to behave positively and will help it Overcome Cancer.