Night Shift --- risk for cancer

March Issue of Anticancer Research published a meta-analysis which revealed that women with normal level of vitamin D at the time of diagnosis had twice a chance of survival when compared to those with low levels of Vitamin D. This meta-analysis combined 5 studies having a total of 4443 patients. If we look at 10 year survival, mortality from breast cancer was 44% lower in group of patients with highest level of Vitamin D compared to those with lowest level of Vitamin D.

Previous studies have already established that Vitamin D prevents breast and colon cancer. Also there are enough studies to suggest that Vitamin D stops cancer growth.

“Doctors should measure Vitamin D levels in their breast cancer patients, if they are deficient, they should be started immediately on 40000 IU of Vitamin D daily to get it up to 40 to 60 ng/ml”. This was the recommendation of Dr Garland, author of this study.